Healing Team - ​ This team walks women from brokenness into wholeness.  It is complied of licensed councilors, pastors, yoga instructors, and other medical and healing professionals.

Inspirational Coach​ FEMALES ONLY:  Our coaches are quality individuals who are trained, extremely committed and dedicated into putting time and effort, motivating and encouraging another to gain freedom from homelessness or poverty through building one-on-one relationships with them revolving around unconditional love, respect, trust and healthy boundaries.  This position requires 4 weeks of training and at least 12-15 hours a month.

Tech Support - ​ Experience is necessary for this position.  On-call and on-sight technical support need, because we just plain don't know what we are doing!    Volunteers hours vary based on need. 

Child Interactive Team - ​If you have a have a passion for interacting with children through activities, crafts, reading and technology you will enjoy serving once a month or once a week at our day center with scheduled interactive learning activities with our clients and their children.

Volunteer Application

Overnight Host - ​ FEMALES ONLY:  We have 12 churches that open their doors once a month to allow the homefree women and children we serve to eat and sleep within their church buildings.  However, there are many days that are not covered by church buildings.  We need you!  Shifts run from 5:00pm until 7:00am the next morning.  Dinner is provided for them so no need to cook!  This is a supervisory position and requires a clean background check.  

Events - Fundraising​ Stepping Stones hosts quarterly fundraisers along with several smaller events thought the year.    

Administrative-Office ​ This position is an acting assistant to the shelter director. It would be an excellent position for someone that enjoys customer service, organization, can self motivate, loves working on the computer in an office type environment. This position is based on your availability.  

Care Team - If you love to care for others by sending cards, making a phone call or praying for them, this team is for you!   We celebrate birthdays, grieve with each other over loss and pray for each other when life get messy.

Inventory-Donation Team - ​  Donations are constantly coming into the shelter.  This team would make sure the donations have been accounted and then organize them into the proper location.  This may also include taking donations to other non-profit locations if they are in need.    Volunteer time is based on your availability.

Shelter Representative - ​ FEMALES ONLY:  Our day center is open from 7am to 5pm daily, 7 days a week. Shelter Representatives would be responsible for knowing and upholding all policies and procedures along with providing follow up documentation for the staff.   The schedule broken into 2-4 hour shifts.   You can choose to volunteer as often or as little as 1 shift a month. Training, job shadowing and a clear background check is required.  

Road Warriors-Calling all car care specialist!  Do you know how to change oil, put on brakes or put in a AC compressor?  At times clients come into shelter that have previously made their car their home and are in need of repairs.  Put you passion to good use in helping them get back on their wheels.

Food Program​  Our food program provides a dinner meal for the guests we have at The Haven, our day center.  It also supports the community by way Rutherford County Schools ATLAS program that feeds over 1,500 homeless children over weekends, holiday breaks and summer time.  This position requires some lifting, local travel and approximately 2 hours a week.

Creative Team - If you are a creative mind or have experience in leading social media, graphic design, publishing, writing, photography, video and editing, or proofreading, this is the gang you want to hang out with!  They push our marketing forward in dynamic ways.


Maintenance - ​Looking for a few handymen that could be on call to do some light maintenance if needed. EX: changing light bulbs, leaking faucet,  toilet flappers, etc..   Volunteers hours based on need

Transportation Team​ There are so many times our clients may have appointments in which public transportation does not reach or is past the hours in which it runs OR for many this could mean the difference between being able to take a good paying job or not.  In setting someone up for success, your willingness to transport them for a few weeks to work could be the difference between them staying in the same pattern over again or moving past the pattern!   There is also a need for a few good men with trucks that could be on standby occasionally to pick up household items from our storage unit to deliver to another location.   This position is bases strictly on your availability.  No training required.  However, a valid DL and proof of insurance is.

Garden Group - ​ Stepping Stones was awarded a grant from Rutherford County CROP for 2017.  This grant helped us establish a community garden in which supplies our day center with fresh fruits and vegetables. This team maintains the garden throughout the year and organizes community opportunities for others to get involved. 

Check In Emergency Shelter - This position runs from 3:45pm to 5:15pm daily.  It provides documentation of shelter guests and hospitality in making them feel welcome.  Computer search engine skills are necessary along with detail to procedure, exceptional customer service and empathy for others.