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​​January 1, 2016

  • The solution to homelessness
  • A congregations way to provide economic assistance, job training nor personal spiritual direction.
  • About establishing a large shelter in which hundreds of people are cared for nightly.
  • And it's not about major fundraising and capital campaigns.

Rev. Charles Strobel, the founder and visionary of Room in the Inn, visited Murfreesboro to talk about the success of the program with a group of over 50 community members interested in supporting Stepping Stones Safe Haven in their efforts to provide emergency shelter for the homeless women and women with children in their city.

What it is...

  •  A means for a sector of people to become directly involved with the homeless in order to gain knowledge about the growing population.
  • A congregations way of opening their facilities to a chosen number of people as guests.
  • An opportunity for guests to learn that people really care.
  • A way for hosts to understand that the faceless figure on the street corner is more than a statistic.
  • About serving without prejudice or pride.
  • Putting the tenets of your faith into practice.
  • About giving and not receiving.
  • An opportunity, not an answer.

Emergency Shelter

Rev. Charles Strobel visits Murfreesboro, TN

​​​​​​​Congregations can:  

    ~  Choose the amount of guests you would like to host   

    ~  Shelter is only open this year to women and women with children   

    ~  Stepping Stones staff will guide you along the way and provide training


Learn the story of Charles Strobel, who heard a call to help those facing homelessness in Nashville, his response became Room In The Inn.  

Shelter Calendar

What it is not...

​​​Stepping Stones Safe Haven, Inc. is now offering temporary emergency shelter modeled after Room in the Inn that began in 1986 in Nashville, TN and is offered in over 23 cities to date. This program began when a community of people joined together to offer shelter and compassion to others experiencing homelessness.  Local congregations opened their doors and welcomed guests.    Our emergency shelter program runs year round.

Volunteers can serve in the following ways:   

    ~  Partner with other congregations/organizations    ​

    ~  Transport guests    

    ~  Prepare and/or serve meals.  (dinner and/or breakfast and/or snack)    

    ~  Assist with set up and clean up of hosting location    

    ~  Spend time with guests (games, movies, etc.)    

    ~  Serve as an overnight host or volunteer